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Artwork, stationery, and home goods, made simply to delight.


Hi there! Thank you for stopping by. My name is Leana Fischer, artist and designer behind May We Fly, a stationery and gift shop in Fayetteville, Arkansas. My work is devoted to all things delightful, and I create products to celebrate simple pleasures and add beauty to daily life. I'm most inspired by the world around me and love finding wonder in the little things. 

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Customer Love


“May We Fly's 2019 calendar is so beautifully made. Each month's watercolor is a delight and shows off Leana's amazing talent for painting. Sometimes on a calendar, there are one or two months that don't measure up to the rest, but each month's illustration on this calendar is picture perfect. Winter, spring, summer, or fall--- the flavor of each season is captured in a lovely, uplifting depiction.”
- Jeanne

"I love these prints! In perusing the May We Fly web site, these fall prints caught my eye and, although I was shopping for gifts, I decided to order these for myself. They just arrived and, when my husband asked what they were for, I replied, "Me -- they make me happy". Sometimes, it's just that simple:) I love Leana's simple, but beautiful art prints -- the colors are rich and the designs come from the heart."
- Cynthia