Made simply to delight

"The frame does not change the moment, but it changes our way of perceiving the moment. It makes us notice the moment." 
- Frederick Buechner

Photo credit: Arshia Khan

Photo credit: Arshia Khan


Welcome! My name is Leana Fischer. I'm a designer and illustrator in Fayetteville, AR. This little shop of mine, May We Fly, is a place made simply to delight. My aim here is to share those things that resonate with us all; glimpses of beauty, natural rhythms, every day wonders. The more I paint these little discoveries, the more I seem to find them. Sometimes it's a beautiful array of flowers. Sometimes it's a giraffe wearing pants. Whatever you find delightful here, I hope it leaves you with a smile.  

I believe in crafting beautifully made products and am continually working to develop my style and technique. Most of what you see here began originally as a watercolor painting, but I also enjoy drawing with pen and using the computer to create some of my illustrations. My background is in architecture, and my style reflects that. It is minimal, crisp, and sophisticated, but I always strive to maintain a sense of playfulness to give my work a fresh, unique quality. 

I can't thank you enough for stopping by! This little space in the world wouldn't be here without you. 


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